WiFiKill APK: Ever faced the difficulty of using the WiFi connection lags because of too many users?. Yes, you would have. Here is the ultimate solution for it. The WiFiKill APK it helps you to cut off or kill WiFi to devices connected to the same WiFi by taking control over the WiFi Network. WiFiKill.apk checks and grabs the devices and initiate the kill process.

WiFiKill APK

WiFiKill APK

Having a faster internet connection at home or office then why should I need a WiFIKill app? However ultra Giga-band connection you have (More Connected Device = Less WiFi Speed) because of the bandwidth sharing. This process normally happens on a router. No More worries. No More Slower WiFi. Get the exclusive WiFiKill APK for Android.

According to a new study, 4 in 10 of us identify Wi-Fi as our most important daily need, above sex, chocolate, and alcohol. If Internet connection is Slower, We tend to get frustrated.

Then the best solution is WiFiKill APK. Download WiFiKill Apk and become a Power WiFi internet user. WiFiKill root apk download as it requires root access on your android smartphone. The attention grabber WiFiKill sneaks into the connected WiFi and interrupt the connection between the users in it. The app was designed to have fun and get the faster internet connection. Kill or disable Friends & Neighbours WiFi with a tap of the button. WifiKill iOS is a rumor that is under development stage and will soon be released.

Download WiFiKill APK

Here you can download the WiFikill root apk. Planning on killing WiFi of your neighbor’s network then get this free WiFiKill and enjoy unlimited bandwidth everywhere you go. Follow the each step to get WiFiKill on PC and Android below. Facing any trouble is you WiFiKill not Working here is the fix.

Download WiFiKill

  • Enter the menu and navigate to the settings icon in your app drawer.
  • Find security option in the settings app.
  • Under the device administration, There will be Unknown sources tap on it. Since third party apps need to be permitted in order to be installed which are not from Google play store. Now you can download the app.
  • WiFiKill APK has two versions available here – WiFiKill V1.7 and WiFiKill V2.3.2.
  • Tap to download the WiFiKill.apk
  • You can download any one of the following WiFiKill pro 2.3.2 apk or WiFiKill 1.7 apk. Choose the APK file downloader and wait until the process gets finished.
  • Navigate to the download directory and click on the downloaded .apk file.
  • Complete the installation and start using the WiFiKill app.

Table of Content

  1. Best Features of WiFiKill APK
  2. Working of WiFiKill APK
  3. WifiKill Pro 2.3.2 Apk
  4. WifiKill for Unrooted Android (No Root Needed)
  5. WifiKill for PC & Mac
  6. WifiKill for iPhone and iPad (iOS)
  7. WifiKill 1.7 Apk
  8. Fix WifiKill Not Working Error and other Issues

Best Features of WiFiKill APK

  • Once you downloaded the WiFiKill APK on the device it searches in the currently connected WiFi network and lists all devices in it.
  • Many network monitoring tools that are present on your PC or Laptop can track the download and upload limit so as WiFiKill Android it shows the data transfer from the grabbed devices.
  • WiFi Kill App has two main functionalities – Grab and Kill.
  • WiFi Grab – A rare feature on a smartphone WiFi app. It attaches to devices and checks out how they are communicating with the network i.e Manufacturer Name, IP address, Mac Address, Up and Down speed.
  • WiFi Kill – Once entered into to discovered device begin grab and then Kill process disconnects the devices from the WiFi.
  • WiFikill root apk works well with tablets also.
  • Be Sure to have the Android version 4.0+, To run this WiFiKill v2.3.2 APK officially here.

Working of WiFiKill APK

  1. Open the WiFiKill APK on your rooted android smartphone.

    WiFiKill APK

    WiFiKill APK

  2. Tap on the Play ► button.

    WiFiKill APK

    WiFiKill APK

  3. Grant Root permission for the WiFi Kill app.

    WiFiKill APK

    WiFiKill APK

  4. List of devices connected to the WiFi network is displayed.

    WiFiKill APK

    WiFiKill APK

  5. Tap on Grab all button in the button to attach to all devices.

    WiFiKill APK

    WiFiKill APK

  6. Here is the fun part, Start Killing all the devices using Kill all button.

    WiFiKill APK

    WiFiKill APK

WifiKill Pro 2.3.2 Apk

WifiKill Pro is a beta version app that could kill internet connection for a device on the same network. It controls the wifi connection and so it is called wifi network controller app. This app allows you to cut the internet connection for the people who uses on the same network. So, that you can surf the web faster.

Download WifiKill Pro Apk

WifiKill for Unrooted Android (No Root Needed)

Many of us are using Wi-Fi connection where we don’t get internet speed as we think. Why are we facing this issues? Who is using our Wi-Fi? Do you want to spy and check the hell using your Wi-Fi without your permission? Then go ahead and read my article. Also, know how to cut off the Wi-Fi using WifiKill app without rooting your device.

Download WifiKill for Unrooted Phone

WifiKill for PC & Mac

Follow this guide for installing WiFiKill for PC and learn how to disable WiFi to other users easily. Since you are new to this app, WiFiKill is available for Android, iOS, Windows PC & Mac devices. It lets you take control over the connected WiFi network and helps you manage the users using the WiFi. If you have missed using WiFi for Android download it now. Now experience the magic of Killing WiFi connection with the help of PC. You can target any user or device and cut WiFi only to the particular one.

Download WifiKill for PC and Mac

WifiKill for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

You are not conscious of your Wi-Fi connection that is been used by your friends or neighborhood without your permission and letting the network to slow down. However, you can spy your network and kill the wifi connection to those who uses unknowingly. Wifikill app is available for Android and now you can use it for iOS too. You don’t need to worry about the thing after you install the wifi killer app called “WifiKill” on your iPhone. Because it takes care of your network and brings them under control. First, download WifiKill iOS app and then start proceeding with the further steps. After downloading this app, you need to install them on your iPhone/iPad to get started.

Download WifiKill iOS

WifiKill 1.7 Apk

Download and install the latest version of WifiKill 1.7 apk software. Several bugs are removed and you have got all new features in it. Enjoy using the app and kill the network connection for faster browsing. If you are using the older version then switch to the newer version to fix the bugs.

Download WifiKill 1.7 Apk

You can also download other versions like WifiKill 1.6, WifiKill 1.5, WifiKill 1.4, WifiKill 1.3, WifiKill 1.2, and WifiKill 1.1. To start download visit this page.

Fix WifiKill Not Working Error and other Issues

WiFiKill App is the leading WiFi stopping service in the market. Users have the ability to cut off WiFi to anyone accessing their WiFi. Before we go ahead with the service error fixes for Lollipop or Marshmallow, Download the WiFi Kill from here and test it out with your own WiFi then proceed below if you get pcap_loop not working again. Note: The WiFiKill App is only used to block unwanted users from your personal WiFi network. Use it wisely.

Fix WifiKill Error

Final Verdict

WiFiKill is the best app for using on your android smartphone.Rumor has it WiFikill ios is under development and will be soon released. I think we have covered most of the related things on how to use WiFiKill Pro apk. Having any doubt or Is WiFikill not working for you? Do let us know in the comments below we will give you the best solution to solve it.